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Lawyers and attorneys of Plotnikov & Partners help protect businesses from unjustified tax claims, as well as examine the methods used to optimize tax liabilities for their safety.

We will help you develop a tax planning strategy taking into account the current provisions of the legislation. Our goal is not only to help you legally optimize your tax liabilities, but also to reduce the associated risks.

Our team will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your tax situation, help you identify vulnerabilities, develop measures to address them and reduce the likelihood of unforeseen tax liabilities.

We will also help you prepare for a tax audit and provide legal assistance during the audit. Our team will accompany you at all stages of the audit, ensuring that your rights and interests are respected and seeking to minimize possible negative consequences. If necessary, we can also help you appeal the results of tax audits.

With an understanding of tax laws and business processes, our team is able to offer effective solutions for each client. We aim to reduce the complexities of tax management and reduce the financial burden on your business, while ensuring full compliance with the law.

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Tax counseling

from 10 000 rubles

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Examination of tax optimization methods used

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