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Plotnikov & Partners has substantial experience in medical law, protecting the interests of clinics, doctors and patients.

Since medical law issues have their own specifics, it is not enough to have the skills of a litigator to provide quality support for a dispute. It is necessary to have experience in the field of medicine, knowledge of medical ethics, understanding of medical care processes and medical logic.

The qualification of our team allows us to conduct medical cases with a deep understanding of the essence of the issue and competently protect the interests of both doctors and medical organizations, as well as patients.

We defend clinics against unreasonable claims related to the quality of medical care, including negotiations with patients and, if necessary, representation in court.

When our client is a patient, we conduct an in-depth analysis of the judicial perspective of the dispute and provide the client with as much detailed information about it as possible. Realizing the importance of the ethical and personal aspects of such disputes, we strive not to involve the patient in exhausting litigation if there is little prospect of a positive outcome for the patient.

Our competence in medical law allows us to provide our clients with the most complete picture, based on which they can choose a judicial or out-of-court method of dispute resolution.

If the client is not interested in going to court, we will assist in negotiations or mediation.

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Medical Law

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Judicial protection of the interests of clinics and physicians

Counseling and legal support to patients

Confidential out-of-court settlement of disputes between patients and medical organizations