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Plotnikov & Partners Legal group offers mediation services - the most efficient and cost-effective way to resolve disputes. We will help you reach a mutually beneficial agreement without resorting to exhausting and costly confrontation processes in court.

It is important to keep in mind that mediation is a confidential process, which preserves each party's reputation and avoids public proceedings. All information remains strictly confidential, which makes this type of dispute resolution particularly attractive to businesses and individuals alike.

In addition, mediation saves time and money. Litigation can last for months or even years, but in the end do not bring the desired result - to be unfair or unprofitable.

Mediation allows you to resolve a dispute quickly and efficiently, saving costs and time,

while finding a mutually beneficial solution that suits each party.

The decision is consensual, because the parties have a much broader arsenal of means of achieving the desired goal and "room to maneuver," without strict procedural frameworks and external pressure.

Our main task is to help find a solution that is as comfortable as possible for all participants.

The parity and elegance of alternative dispute resolution, combined with the constructive and professional work of the mediator, make it possible to reach consensus even in seemingly hopeless situations.

The cost of the service
Mediation and negotiation

from 10 000 rubles

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