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The main focus of the practice is to provide legal support to Russian businesses and beneficiaries outside the Russian Federation, as well as legal assistance in Russia and abroad for business owners located in various jurisdictions.

Extensive professional experience and reliable business contracts in many jurisdictions allow clients to receive advice and assistance on a wide range of issues, including litigation support, detection of hidden restrictions or abuse by counterparties or service companies in connection with the foreign residency of businesses or beneficiaries.

Our international practice covers, among others, the following jurisdictions: Russia, Cyprus, Malta, Spain, Portugal, Greece, UK, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, Hungary, USA, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE, BVI, Belize, Mauritius, Panama, Seychelles.

Business Services:

  • - advising on emerging issues in the field of audit, taxation, corporate civil and migration law, including in connection with the relocation of business;
  • - registration, corporate and operational support of legal entities in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and offshore jurisdictions;
  • - assistance in opening and maintaining bank accounts, asset management;
  • - representation and support of litigation in foreign jurisdictions;
  • - cross-border collection of debts, including foreclosure on the participant's share in the project, pledged property;
  • - commercial representation and establishing the quality of goods;
  • - support of real estate transactions (purchase, sale, lease) and escrow settlements;
  • - services in the field of intellectual property rights, including registration of rights, license agreements, contracts with authors, protection of interests of authors, publishers, registration of appellation of origin in foreign jurisdictions;
  • - support of research and development activities.
  • Services for individuals:

    • - advising on programs of residence permits and citizenship of foreign countries for investment and other reasons;
    • - advising non-residents on issues arising in Russia in the field of taxation, inheritance, migration, housing, medical and administrative legislation;
    • - Representation and support of litigation both within one jurisdiction and in several jurisdictions.
    The cost of the service
    Bankruptcy of legal entities and individuals

    from 15 000 rubles

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    Comprehensive support of bankruptcy procedures

    Protection of owners and managers from subsidiary liability

    Legal assistance in any disputes in bankruptcy cases