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Legal Investigations

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In today's world, when business is available to everyone, along with the increase in the number of potential partners and counterparties, the cost of error increases significantly. One handshake is no longer enough to make important decisions, which is why more and more businessmen are seeking help in securing their transactions. The legal group "Plotnikov and Partners" offers professional financial investigations and forensic services, which will help to make sure your potential partners are reliable.

Attorneys at Plotnikov & Partners have expertise in economics and finance, which enables us to conduct a detailed analysis of the activities of organizations with which our clients are planning to conclude a transaction.

We provide legal due diligence of potential counterparties, including analysis of individual transactions and corporate interactions.

We also conduct confidential checks and analysis of the actions of top managers and employees of the company for possible abuse, as well as research for suspicious processes and events within the business. Our main goal is to protect the interests of our clients and ensure the security of their transactions.

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Legal Investigations

from 10 000 rubles

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Collection and analysis of information on unfair practices of counterparties

Financial Investigations

Confidential check of employee misconduct information