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Plotnikov & Partners provides legal support and business defense in criminal cases. If you are facing criminal prosecution in the economic sphere, our team is ready to help you.

We will provide qualified representation in court at all stages of the audit and criminal proceedings.

It is important that Plotnikov & Partners has the ability to implement a comprehensive approach to the protection of clients in such situations.

Often the investigation of economic crimes is interconnected with civil law and arbitration proceedings (e.g. bankruptcy cases, disputes on bringing to subsidiary liability).

In such circumstances, the effectiveness of the defense will be significantly higher if all interrelated cases are handled by a single team: the credibility of the client's position is determined, among other things, by how consistently it is communicated not only in the criminal case, but also in other cases.

It is important not to allow a situation when a representative in civil or arbitration proceedings takes a position inconsistent with the client's position in a criminal case.

That is why it is most effective to entrust synchronous defense of the principal in all interrelated disputes to one team.

The cost of the service
Criminal defense of business

from 10 000 rubles

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Legal protection against criminal prosecution in the economic sphere

Qualified assistance at all stages of criminal proceedings

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