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Plotnikov & Partners provides legal services in the area of corporate law, including support of corporate disputes in court.

Often insufficiently clear terms of corporate documents or gaps in their content lead to unfavorable consequences for owners or managers of a business. That is why qualified legal support is of utmost importance already when drafting the very first documents of a company.

At the stage of setting up the business and defining the terms of partnership, we will help you structure the company in such a way as to protect you in various situations in the future.

Unfortunately, at the start, few people think about how to determine the procedure for the withdrawal of partners from the project, what will be the conditions for the sale of a share in the business to third parties and how to protect the business from claims on the common property of the spouses.

Our lawyers will tell you what the corporate risks may be and help you define the terms of the corporate agreement, articles of association and other documents in such a way as to protect you and your company.

In addition, competent legal support at the outset will significantly reduce the likelihood of subsequent litigation.

If a corporate conflict cannot be avoided, we will help you to protect yourself in this situation as well.

A quality legal strategy at the very beginning of a corporate conflict can both help to turn it into a peaceful resolution and play a decisive role in case of its transition to litigation.

At the same time, if the parties still come to the conclusion that a corporate conflict cannot be resolved out of court, the team of Plotnikov & Partners lawyers is ready to plunge into the litigation process as soon as possible and provide legal defense of your interests in courts of all instances.

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