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Disproved the testimony of a witness in court and helped the client to recover 200 million rubles

The defendant claimed that he gave our client 200 million rubles. There was a witness, a cashier, who allegedly received and deposited this amount in our client's cash register. However, we were able to refute his testimony.

According to the opponent's position, the money had to travel a long way from one city to another. We compared defendant's statements about the manner and timing of the transportation of the money and found inconsistencies in his words.

The difficulty in this case was the presence of a witness who claimed to have deposited money in the cash register. Courts are generally inclined to consider the testimony of witnesses to be more weighty evidence than the explanations of the parties. After all, witnesses are warned of criminal liability for knowingly giving false testimony.

We were able to prove that no one carried the money and could not have deposited it in our client's cash register, despite the fact that a witness claims otherwise.